The Art of Making [Syllabus]

This course is a hands-on introduction to the technology and mindsets of making. Projects will introduce students to coding, engineering, and design thinking by leveraging tools like Arduinos, 3D printers, laser cutters, and more. Wearable tech, 3D printed boats, line-following robots, and electronic music instruments are just a few examples of potential projects created in this course.

Electronic Music Instruments

Students developed Arduino-controlled electronic music instruments using a variety of sensors and electronic components.

Arcade Games

Students used Arduinos to develop interactive arcade games (claw machine, skeeball machine, etc.)

Improving the Newman Athletics Experience

Students developed Arduino solutions (e.g. LED field goal posts that light up when the ball goes through, speedometers, etc.) to improve the Newman athletics experience.

Ground Breaking Robot

Students built and programmed an Arduino-controlled (FRC base kit) robot capable of breaking ground for the new science building.


Students designed and programmed an Arduino-controlled robots to compete in a variety of challenges.

Escape Room

Students developed a series of Arduino-controlled puzzles for their peers to attempt to escape from the makerspace!