3D Art and Design [Syllabus]

3D Art and Design employs engineering and design thinking mindsets in the development of 3D modeling projects that expose students architecture, product development, and socially-conscious design. Students solve engineering challenges by developing 3D models and physical prototypes using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and 3D printers.

3D Scanning Modern Sculpture

This project used 3D scanning and 3D modeling to explore Neoclassical sculpture, Rodin, and the birth of modern sculpture.

OpenSCAD Cubism

This project introduced Cubism through the open source 3D modeling programming language OpenSCAD. Students explored space, shapes, and perspective as they created cubist-inspired 3D modeled self-portraits.

Contemporary CAD

An open-ended exploration of contemporary sculpture

Kinectic Gates

Students designed kinetic gates inspired by the New Orleans sculptor John Scott.

Design Thinking Science Building

Students used human-centered design in the creation of 3D models of Newman’s new science building. Their designs incorporated feedback from students, faculty, staff, and other members of Newman’s community.

Design Thinking Tiny Houses

Students designed and modeled sustainable, off-the-grid tiny houses based on user needs and sustainability requirements.

Engineering 3D Moat Boats

3D modeled boats inspired by Moat Boat Paddle Battle (http://www.moatboatpaddlebattle.com/)

Transformation Masks

Students designed, modeled, and 3D printed “transformation masks” (originating from the Canadian Kwakiutl) that fit onto small, 3D scanned figurines.

Modeling Monuments

Students envisioned and designed new monuments to replaced the Confederate monuments that have been taken down in New Orleans.